M rack, small

90 x 30 x 139 cm

SKU: M Rack Small - Teak

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Our teak range comes without any finish or protective treatment. The wood is merely polished, allowing the natural oils to rise to the surface. The high density of teak has the advantage that stains stay on the surface and do not penetrate into the wood easily.

Daily care

• Dust regularly with a dry, non-fluffy cloth.

• Clean with a damp sponge or cloth (not too wet!) with a mild solution of water and natural soap (no detergent). Regular cleaning with a natural soap solution will gradually build up a protective layer: as the wood absorbs the soap, it will become more stain repellent.

Preventive treatment

• If you want to protect the wood from the start, apply a protective coating. We recommend Osmo Hardwax Oil, clear matt (3062).

This seals the pores of the timber and creates a natural protection. Even then, stains and marks should be removed immediately. If liquids or substances are left to penetrate the wood, the furniture will eventually get stained.

• This product will darken the wood.

Stubborn stains & repairs

• Use extra fine sand paper (minimum 320 grit) and rub in the direction of the wood grain.