SLIM AARONS - Snow Mass Picnic

SLIM AARONS - Snow Mass Picnic

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Slim Aarons - Snowmass Picnic March 1968: A stand-up fondue picnic for skiers at Snowmass-at-Aspen, Colorado which has more than fifty miles of trails and snowfields. The village was opened in 1967. Slim Aarons is printed by Getty's in London on a traditional photographic paper (Fuji Crystal Archive Matt Finish) with colour C-Type Lambda.

Slim Aarons prints are sourced from the original negative by Getty Images Gallery, London. They are made using traditional Fuji Crystal Archival Matt Photographic Paper with colour C-Type Lambda. Slim Aaron's prints can take approximately 4 weeks to order and frame if we currently do not have it in stock.

Available Framed or Print Only.


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C - 406 x 406

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Framed (mm)

C - 680 x 680

D - 770 x 770

F - 1064 x 1064

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