Siirtoplapuutarha Teapot 7DL 190

Siirtoplapuutarha Teapot 7DL 190

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Marimekko's 7dl (700ml) Siirtolapuutarha teapot features features Maija Louekari's cheerful Räsymatto pattern that was inspired by traditional rag rugs.

The pot and wood-knobbed lid are made of white stoneware ensuring a long lifespan; hand wash to ensure the glazed colour and pattern remain vibrant.

Pattern Designer:  Maija Louekari

Series/Pattern:  Siirtolapuutarha/Raysmatto

Colour: Black, white

Material: Stoneware, steel and wood


Height 18 cm

Diameter 14 cm

Capacity 7dl (700ml) .site-nav__label:hover { border-bottom: none; }